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                                      If we can't find your parts, they don't make them anymore!
                                                      1928 S. State Line Rd.      ·      Hubbard, OH 44425      ·      PHONE: (330)448-4631      ·      FAX: (330)448-2921







Directions from PITTSBURGH, PA

1: Merge onto I-76 W/PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE toward OHIO (Portions toll). 38.4 miles

2: Take the PA-60-TOLL N exit- EXIT 10- toward NEW CASTLE. 0.6 miles

3: Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. 0.1 miles

4: Merge onto BEAVER VALLEY EXPY/PA-60 TOLL N (Portions toll). 10.8 miles

5: Merge onto PA-60 N/BEAVER VALLEY EXPY via the exit on the LEFT toward SHARON/YOUNGSTOWN. 13.2 miles

6: Take the PA-18 N exit toward WEST MIDDLESEX. 0.2 miles

7: Turn LEFT onto PA-18/NEW CASTLE RD. Continue to follow PA-18. 1.5 miles

8: Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST/PA-318. Continue to follow PA-318. 3.4 miles

9: Turn RIGHT onto S STATE LINE RD. 1.0 miles

10: End at 1928 State Line Rd     Hubbard, OH 44425


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